Schnapps Fenders & Flares

For the past 30 years Steve has been a successful composer of music for TV and film all around the world. In the mid-70s he toured Europe with several bands, one of which this autobiographical story is based on.

In 1972 two young musicians from Slough are invited to join an international dance band touring West Germany. Schnapps Fenders & Flares is the hilarious account of their adventures during a ten month period.

The journey takes us from US air bases at the time of the Vietnam war as the band are variously presented as the fighting Irish, saucy French females and a black soul band to some of Europe’s most exclusive nightclubs.

From gritty industrial cities in the north via picturesque wine villages on the Rhine to the Bavarian alps and Munich during the Olympics, it’s a coming of age story as the boys learn very quickly about the seedier side of the entertainment business. It’s also a nostalgic look at Germany of the early 1970s and the musical soundtrack of that era.

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